Ten Years and Counting – Happy Anniversary “Tales of Time & Space”

Today marks the 10th Anniversary of the creation of this blog and its long-departed “sister” self-hosted blog, “SFreaders.com”, both created back on the evening of May 3rd, 2007. It’s hard to believe I’ve been blogging for ten years, although there were lengthy spells during which I wasn’t posting at all for various reasons (mostly domestic problems and health issues causing periodic loss of interest in blogging).

I’ve actually been online for almost 22 years, and most of that time I’ve spent on various forums or, more recently, on Facebook and several other social media platforms. I was already online for over a decade before I even started blogging, so I’ve been doing it for slightly less than half my time online (even less, if you count all the times I haven’t been posting and my blogs have been inactive). Even so, I still think it’s important that I mark the 10th Anniversary of this blog and the long-gone “SFreaders.com”.

It’s hard to believe, looking at this blog now, that back at the beginning, it was the bastard stepchild, the black sheep of my blogs. I never used it. The main one was “SFreaders.com”, the self-hosted WordPress.org blog which I’d set up on my newly-acquired web-hosting platform, complete with unlimited webspace, unlimited bandwidth and all the other bells and whistles. That one was the one that I was focusing on, and was pretty active for six months, hitting 42 posts before I burned out and stopped posting on it.

I had only created THIS blog in order to get the API key for my self-hosted blog, which I, as I’ve said, I had just created earlier that same evening. You had to do that back in 2007 – I don’t know if that’s still how things are done when setting up a self-hosted WordPress.org blog. Once I’d gotten my API key to activate my “SFreaders.com” blog, this blog wasn’t needed any more. It was surplus to requirements. I already HAD the self-hosted WordPress.org blog on my own website, so I didn’t need this one. The stone cold fact was that this was never intended to be an active blog in the first place. It was a “throwaway”.

So, apart from a couple of rubbish posts in June 2007, a month after I’d created it, and four more posts over Feb-April 2010, this blog was pretty much left to rot until the end of 2012. Aside from the above six posts and several throwaway posts on Blogger and LiveJournal, plus a few blog posts on my social networks on Ning.com and FanCentral, I did no serious blogging at all between my last SFreaders.com post on October 29th, 2007 and my first regular posts on Blogger starting from November 2011 through to December 2012. Most of my online activity from Feb 2009 onwards wasn’t on blogs at all, but on forums and on Facebook and other social media sites.

Then, in December, 2012, I switched from my Blogger blog and started posting regularly here instead, and I’ve been doing it ever since. After all the faffing around, I just seemed to decide to settle on this blog as my primary one, and it’s been my main blog for the past five years now. I’ve been beavering away, posting at least once or twice a month, not exactly prolific, but slow and steady does it. Even the early years of this blog (2007-2012), at one time empty and forlorn, are beginning to look a lot healthier and are filling out slowly, as I gradually import the old blog posts from “SFreaders.com” and the other defunct blogs that I’ve set up and abandoned over the years. I have to preserve those posts somewhere, and this blog is where you’ll find them now. I find it extremely ironic how things have turned out, with this blog, which was never intended at the time it was created to be a functioning blog, ending up becoming my main blogging platform in recent years.

Most of the other old blogs are long-gone now, “Other Worlds, Other Times”, the one on LiveJournal.com (only one post and purged back in 2011, due to being inactive for more than a year) and “SFreaders.com” (42 posts, inactive since October 29th, 2007, and completely gone since mid-2009 due to the webhosting provider going belly-up). Then there are the long-gone blogs that I had on the various communities on Ning.com, of which I was a member during the last two or three years of the Noughties.

There’s also my blog on the much loved FanCentral social network community on Spruz.com, where I’ve been a member since 2009, which has become mostly inactive in recent years, as FanCentral very sadly seems to be dying a slow death, due to the members deserting it over the past few years and moving to Facebook. And finally, there’s several of my other old blogs on Blogger.com, which have been booted and rebooted over the years since their initial creation back in early 2010, all now lying relatively inactive, although I do revisit one or two of them every now and again to make the occasional post.

Those other blogs have come and gone, but through it all, this blog still endures, through thick and thin. Sure, there have been long periods over the years that I’ve neglected this blog, but I’m glad it’s always been here, “just in case”. It’s always been my back-up, the one I fell back on when my other blogs failed. It’s been my regular blog since 2012 and the one I always post to first, and it’ll always be here for me to come back to, even if I do seem to lose interest altogether in blogging at times. That is, unless the highly unlikely thing happens, and the massive WordPress.com platform folds and disappears on us. Fingers crossed that that doesn’t EVER happen, but I still make regular backups, just in case.

So, Happy 10th Anniversary “Tales of Time & Space”! May you have many more years ahead of you.

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